The partners were chosen for their deep fundamental knowledge in Cryptography, Blockchain Talent acquisition and Regulatory and Compliance aspects within the DeFi crypto ecosystem.

Many privacy coins have proven to be solid investments in 2021, as several have quietly outperformed bitcoin during this bull market — Forbes

In blockchain, transactions…

The integration between Sacred and Polygon supports bringing privacy to DeFi at a lower cost. The Polygon ecosystem will be able to earn yield and transact privately as partnerships with lending, DeFi, and privacy projects are developed. Additionally, the launch on Polygon fulfills Sacred’s multichain, user-agency and accessibility vision.


Tornado Cash sets the bar for DeFi ZK-SNARK-based privacy projects in the industry, leveraging zero-knowledge membership proofs to provide anonymity for the private deposit and transfer of funds — a staple DeFi solution for privacy payments.

As a fork of Tornado Cash, Sacred offers these secure, private asset deposits and…

On the road to building the optimal privacy DeFi solution, SACRED rewards are being distributed for your thoughts, feedback and suggestions! Details on how to participate in Sacreds’ Feedback Bounty Program on Discord are below…

Testnet has been live for a few weeks. Sacred workflows need to be optimized, UX/…

While privacy is simply one of many components supporting the ubiquitous movement of developing an equitable, decentralized financial system that serves the People, it is essential. To that end we’d like to share some of our motives and the reasons for why we exist and why we believe privacy matters

Connecting Sacred to the DeFi Ecosystem

We are excited to announce that we have received a research and development grant from Aave Grants DAO to start the development of privacy through lending platforms — a fork of tornado cash the Sacred protocol will extend privacy options for users in the DeFi space.

Sacred’s partnership with Aavesome

Sacred and Flux Protocol to partner and explore privacy-preserving opportunities for DeFi.

Sacred Finance is excited to announce a partnership with Flux Protocol. For now, the partnership includes:

  • Joint Marketing
  • Ecosystem Support
  • Exploring privacy-tech opportunities between Flux Protocol and Sacred

This is an important stepping stone to propel privacy into DeFi and give users an additional layer of agency over their financial…

Ensuring the highest quality security measures have been observed and implemented is essential to enabling our basic human rights to privacy on tech platforms. Towards that end, we are thrilled to announce that Sacreds’ smart contracts have been audited.

Passed with Flying Colors

Our smart contract audit was administered by CertiK. They use rigorous…

Sacred Finance

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