Partnership Announcement — Sacred & FLUX Protocol

Sacred and Flux Protocol to partner and explore privacy-preserving opportunities for DeFi.

Sacred Finance is excited to announce a partnership with Flux Protocol. For now, the partnership includes:

  • Joint Marketing
  • Ecosystem Support
  • Exploring privacy-tech opportunities between Flux Protocol and Sacred

About Sacred

Data sovereignty is sacred and you should have a choice over who gets to see your crypto transaction history. Sacred has developed an interoperable, non-custodial privacy DApp that transfers assets anonymously. By enabling users to send private transactions and breaking the on-chain link between the depositor’s address and the withdrawer’s address, Sacred leverages ZK-SNARK proofs to secure the transaction’s privacy.

About Flux Protocol

Flux Protocol is a borderless lending protocol built by the Zero One Foundation, where low transaction fees and cross-chain interoperability are a reality! Flux provides a lending mechanism to adjust the interest rates of crypto assets in an automatic and decentralized fashion, incentivizing liquidity in the cryptocurrency market!