Sacred Oversubscribed in Pre-seed Round

The initial strategic fundraising round was oversubscribed — led by three top-tier digital asset management funds including SkyVision Capital, Shima Capital, and Spartan Group.

Sacred will use the fund to:

About Sacred

As a fork of Tornado Cash, Sacred’s decentralized protocol enables private yield redemption and transfer of funds. By breaking the on-chain link between the depositor’s address and the withdrawer’s address utilizing cryptographic technology (ZK-SNARK proofs), Sacred’s non-custodial privacy protocol also interacts with lending platforms.

Sacred’s Investors and Partners:

Shima Capital — Shima Capital backed by names like Dragonfly Capital, Digital Currency Group, and Huobi Global, are native blockchain investors with traditional VC experience and deep networks in both Silicon Valley and Asia. Shima Capital provides introductions to other top-tier 1 VCs, talent acquisition, media/marketing/PR, validator support, and business development to its portfolio companies.

Social Media Links

Website | Twitter | Discord | Substack | Github | Gitbook | Telegram



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