Sacred Receives Grant from AAVE

Connecting Sacred to the DeFi Ecosystem

We are excited to announce that we have received a research and development grant from Aave Grants DAO to start the development of privacy through lending platforms — a fork of tornado cash the Sacred protocol will extend privacy options for users in the DeFi space.

Sacred’s partnership with Aavesome is a critical milestone for accelerating innovation in privacy to DeFi — especially when privacy-focused projects are lacking niches in the space. The Aave community will benefit from the ability to earn yield privately, which is why the investment from AAVE Grants DAO was made.

As we know, DeFi has emerged in the past year and is positioned to profoundly disrupt traditional financial services like trading, lending and yield-generating accounts. The industry has grown over 20x in 2020 alone, let’s see if we can bring privacy into the mix!

More information on Aave Grants DAO Partnership

Thanks for following us on our journey ❤ … Connect with us through Discord





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