Sacred Token Announcement



Incognito Rewards

Protocol Owned Liquidity through Bonding

SACRED Buy Backs

  1. Withdrawal fees
  2. Interest gained from Protocol Owned Liquidity
  3. Interest gained from tokens held in the native yield pool

SACRED emission rates

  1. IDO — we will make sure that everyone who wants to obtain SACRED will be able to do so at a fair price and that there are enough tokens to be purchased then. We will use a price discovery mechanism that will be announced at a later date. This cushions the price and reduces the chance of extreme volatility post-IDO.
  2. Pre-IDO investors, founders, and airdrops have a fair vesting schedule that will release slowly over time. This is to cushion selling pressure even as early investors and contributors are able to profit.
  3. We will carefully control the bonding mechanism so that our contract gains Protocol Owned Liquidity at a reasonable rate and from users who have a long term view of Sacred. This serves to secure liquidity while also managing sell pressure.
  4. We will try to build in more staking incentives in the future to help increase the scarcity of SACRED.
  5. We will research additional protocols and pools to interact with Sacred’s smart contract and increase the use of SACRED.
  6. Once finalized, all details of the emission rates will be made publicly available, before the IDO. This is to ensure anyone obtaining SACRED has a clear picture of its future and can make informed choices.

Sacred Finance’s growth

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