Sacred V1 Test Net Launched!

Today is an important day for Sacred. As we build momentum and take another step forward in fulfilling our promise of supporting private transactions in DeFi, we are excited to announce that Sacred’s MVP on testnet is now live!

Go to to privatize your first transaction on Sacred.

We thank Open DeFi, the Conflux Network, and our lovely community members who have supported Sacred on its journey so far.

User Feedback

Sacred will be giving out prizes hint hint ;)…

Our objective is to test the app and gather critical feedback and performance data from real users. Although the Conflux Testnet won’t be transacting CFX with any real value, this MVP on testnet will not only showcase the basic functionality of the mainnet, it’s a real opportunity to critique, redesign and ensure we are on track in developing the tech and UX interactions that work for users. For more details please check out the #announcements section on our discord channel.

Quantitative feedback: we are categorizing bugs/feedback based on severe, high, med, and low and will release the prizes accordingly.

  • Did you find a bug or have UI/UX feedback? We will be receiving feedback through our #userfeedback discord channel.

Qualitative feedback: In addition, to feedback with UX/UI improvements on the flows and bug fixes through discord, we are looking for a limited number of users for 1:1 feedback sessions to take place over the next two weeks. Sacred will be giving out prizes to 10–15 users picked based on their answers to this form. Apply here!

How to participate?

You will need a ConfluxPortal Wallet to begin using Sacred. We suggest referring to the gitbook for instructions on the step-by-step process.

The testnet only supports CFX deposits/withdrawals, however, the mainnet launch will include — CFX, cUSDT, cETH, cBTC.

First, you will need to some CFX on your Conflux Test Network wallet to deposit on Sacred. Here are the directions to receive CFX from the TEST Faucet on Conflux Test Network:

  1. Once you have downloaded a ConfluxPortal Wallet, make sure you set it to “Conflux Test Network”.

2. Press “Deposit”.

3. Once you click “Deposit”, press “Get CFX” to receive 100 CFX Testnet tokens. **Note: you can only receive up to 100 CFX per day.

We look forward to any feedback you may have. Follow @SacredFinance_ and join our discord channel to stay up to date with V1 events and rewards. You can also join the AMA on the Conflux Network’s telegram channel Thursday, May 20th 2021 if you’re interested!

❤ ❤ ❤

What is Sacred?

Data sovereignty is sacred and you should have a choice over who gets to see your crypto transaction history. Sacred has developed an interoperable, non-custodial privacy DApp that transfers assets anonymously. By enabling users to send private transactions and breaking the on-chain link between the depositor’s address and the withdrawer’s address, Sacred leverages ZK-SNARK proofs to secure the transaction’s privacy.

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